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About Kloudle  

We secure the cloud for companies that change the world. To achieve our vision, we are always thinking in a cloud-native way and embracing automation to help our customers focus on their own mission. This is the Kloudle Way.


Our Reason to exist

Secure public cloud for those engineering teams who are changing the world


We take care of the people who work hard every day to secure their companies and customers, even when they don’t always have access to the right tools & knowledge. These professionals are responsible for the security of their company’s most valuable assets.


The Opportunity  

People and their teams are adopting the cloud-like nuts! Any given team has a minimum of 4-5 cloud accounts across various providers and platforms. Teams struggle to use the cloud securely due to a massive worldwide shortage of trained cloud security professionals.


Even in teams with experienced security folks, different types of public cloud accounts present unique challenges for gaining visibility of cloud resources.


                 “We can’t secure what we can’t see!


Kloudle’s solution is built around the core value of automation. Automation in all aspects of cloud security operations; Visibility, Misconfiguration detection, continuous compliance, and security response. We are building integrations for all kinds of cloud accounts. 


The current set of products are too complicated for most customers; many of them are cloud tourists instead of being cloud-native.   

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